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3 Ways To Cultivate Remote Team Happiness

As remote work becomes a part of everyday life, don't forget to prioritize a positive work culture for your employees.

It's no secret that happy employees are healthier, more productive and more engaged. What's not so straightforward is how employers can ensure their employees are happy?

From the "home" office to the stresses of the outside world, there are numerous causes that can negatively affect employees and their work. Here are 3 ideas that team leaders or C Suite executives can implement to encourage a higher level of employee happiness:

Open Communication

As with any strong relationship, clear and frequent communication is key. If you are unreachable or distant to your employees, they won’t feel comfortable sharing their issues or concerns with you.

Foster connections with your employees and a company culture that will encourage them to ask questions and speak up. Help them; teach them; encourage them. Then watch your empowered employees rock their job, knowing that the boss is in their corner! Like my therapist says, "it’s not us against each other; it’s us against the problem."

Action Item: Set up a virtual comment box and encourage every employee to submit something once or twice a month, even if it’s anonymous. Getting them into the habit of sharing their opinions on the job will make it more likely they will say something when they really need help.

Team Building Activities

Team bonding is an important part of creating an inclusive remote team culture and it comes in many shapes and sizes!

Action Item: Brainstorm a few creative games or activities that can be executed on your internal platform like Zoom, Slack or Teams.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Desert Island Scenario. “Your ship is sinking and you can only grab three survival items to take onto the island, what do you take and why?” Provide a short list of 10 or so basic items and see what your team can come up with!

  • “Recipe Roundup!” Encourage employees to share a recipe they recently made along with a picture. No shame on kitchen fails!

An important tip to boost employee engagement in these activities is to start it off strong and enthusiastically! As the leader of the team, you can’t just throw these prompts out there and expect employees to respond. Take this opportunity to have some fun with your hardworking employees.


How many times have you heard the phrase “In these uncertain times…” this year? Maybe you are even guilty of starting an email or two with it? Remember that everyone - from the top to the bottom - is feeling the stress of the unknown.

However, as the leader of your company or team, you are privy to company information that the average employee is not. It’s important to realize that employees may feel a higher level of stress if they don’t know what is happening behind the scenes. Even if you don’t have all the answers, it's better to say “this is what I know now" or "this is what I am thinking for the next months" to give them a stronger sense of confidence in the company and their role.

Action Item: Draft a weekly communications email that includes company updates, project statuses, upcoming events and executive feedback.

By keeping employees updated on company happenings, creating a culture of open dialogue and encouraging team bonding, your company will reap the reward in employee happiness and productivity.

KO Digital can conduct monthly happiness surveys for your company, identify trends in workplace behavior and support your internal communications needs, helping to create an intimate feedback loop with your leaders and employees.

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