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3 Components to a Winning Virtual Trade Show Strategy

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

In the time of corona, trade shows are evolving like many parts of business. Here's 3 digital marketing tactics to ensure your first virtual trade show is a success.

Virtual trade shows offer your business the opportunity to show potential clients creativity and innovation. You know the advantages that virtual trade shows can offer your business: the costs are low, the reach is wide and the sales leads are high. But how do you break into this relatively unexplored new forum?

Quick reminder: A virtual trade show takes all the regular aspects of a show and recreates it in an interactive 3D site.

As you begin to adjust your trade show strategy for its digital debut, here are 3 components to include for a winning virtual trade show experience.

Host or participate in a virtual panel

One way to announce your presence at a virtual trade show is to participate in a virtual panel or host a webinar. If you already have an active executive thought leadership strategy then your position is clear. If not, ask yourself "what subject within your sector can you or your executives talk to?" and go from there. By establishing your expertise, you'll signal to prospects - even virtually - that you have great insights, services or products to convert them into new consumers.

In addition, your panel or webinar has a longer shelf-life within a virtual trade show as it will be available immediately on-demand on the show website or within your virtual booth. The production turnaround time is faster than physical events, and the virtual event gives you more control like the ability to engage with attendees through chat or breakout rooms.

Wow attendees with an innovative booth design

Before, a physical booth posed more challenges than opportunities. Space constrictions, expensive shipping, and costs of construction all limited the realistic expectations of a trade show booth. Virtual booths offer a new opportunity for expanding your offerings. While some booth ideas prove too expensive or unrealistic in a physical trade show, no idea is too big for a virtual booth! Knock your first impressions out of the park and engage your clients with a high-level, 3D booth that will leave them excited to start working with you. The many costs cut at this point can be redirected towards a skillful graphic designer that will showcase your commitment to quality and innovation.

Cash in on online shops

While trade shows center more around product launches and on-site rep meetings, online events offer an easy, cost-effective solution: a shop embedded into your virtual booth that make purchasing and selling as easy as it could be. No more payment delays, time-consuming follow ups or organizational hassle. Having a virtual shop - accessible with a single click - in your booth will maximize your sales and help convert curious attendees into paying clients. Paired with the wide reach of these events, your online shop can turn into a global presence with literally a few clicks!

While trade shows may never go back to "normal", good business is found in adapting and excelling within these new parameters. A virtual trade show is a valuable opportunity to add to your client base and grow your business revenue.

Are you ready to begin strategizing for a successful virtual trade show presence?

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